Overcoming Broken Pavement Problems

How to Fix Cracks in Your Pavement

Pavement is usually the ground that separates sidewalks from the road. It can be made of stone, brick, concrete or asphalt and it’s important to know how to fix cracks in your pavement because they could lead to a collapse if not repaired quickly. Cracks happen for many reasons but here are some common causes:

Expansion and contraction during hot weather, foot traffic over time wears down the surface until it breaks, chemical reactions between dirt on shoes and rocks in the pavement.

If you want to fix cracks in your pavement, you should first sweep off the dirt and remove any debris. Use a broom, nylon brush or soft scraper if necessary. Then fill holes with concrete patching compound (sealer) for minor repairs that can be done quickly. Allow it to dry before using pavement again. If the crack is small enough you can fill it with just asphalt sealant.

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However, it’s recommended that you get a professional to do it. If you fix it by yourself, you will eventually have to repair it again because of the constant foot traffic.

A professional can seal your pavement with an industrial grade sealant that won’t require future fixes and protection from further wear-and-tear for years to come. They can also fix the crack so it’s invisible or make a pattern of it, which may be more attractive than having the cracks showing.

However, there is a chance that you will get hurt if you try fixing it yourself. If someone does something wrong when repairing their own asphalt pavements, they are at risk of getting killed because any mistakes made in these circumstances could lead to serious injuries and accidents like slipping on wet surface just moments after pouring new concrete into the hole created by broken pavement or falls through rutted areas where old pieces have been removed.

Grand Rapids Asphalt Company offers you professional repairs on your pavement.